Graduated in Communication Design, Graphic Arts by the School of Fine Arts, University of Oporto, Portugal. Through Project Socrates-Erasmus, studied at the Department of Design at the University of Salford, Manchester, UK, in the 5th year of the course, from 2000 to 2001.
In 2011 attended to an intensive two month course of Karawitan (Gamelan theory and practice) at ISI – School of Fine and Cultural Arts of Java, Indonesia.
Continues to do various courses and training in distinct areas such as Music, Printmaking, Cultural Animation or even Computer Programming.
Worked as Graphic Designer and Creative Design in offices as Oxido and Atelier Nunes e Pã.
Worked at Petit Patapon as Graphic Designer and Creative. Even in this company: integrated global marketing team; determined to create the graphics department at Barcelos, Portugal; was responsible for creating all brand graphical materials nationally and internationally: Catalogs Collection, Illustrations for several materials, store openings materials, brochures, etc.; developed the image of the Campaigns of the trademark and all graphical materials involved; made up of the Production Process of the materials - Examinations, Process Printing, Graphics, Development of Brand Image - Advertising in all markets; created stands fairs for international presentation of the brand.

Is 'freelancer' (through various artwork projects: illustration, graphic arts and DIY prints for cd and vinyl covers, visuals for shows and performances, design and regular collaborations with film producers) and develops its own projects for video, animation, illustration, music, among others.
Constantly develops new tools and performances with the technique of real-time video. Using this technique, regularly collaborates with the Educational Service of Casa da Música for projection and visual art for musical performances. It is often invited to other musical or dance performances. Even with this technique, followed the first work 'tourné' of Blac Koyote (José Alberto Gomes) where explored a more minimal and monochrome side. ?Regularly makes projections for the duo SSS-Q (Susana Santos Silva and Jorge Queijo), for Sandes (improvisation project of Maria Monica and Jorge Queijo that assumes the extension to local musicians depending on the country or city where it is presented). Is currently developing, still using the technique of real-time video, visual scores for the New Futurist Orchestra (NOFP) Henrique Fernandes. Worked in live acts with Hans-Joachim Roedelius at Semibreve Festival and Maria Matos theatre.
Still Jorge Queijo, formed Os Príncipes, brand and band.
Belongs, as bass player, and coordinates artistically OGBE, an orchestra of 12 electric guitars, 7 basses and 2 drum kits whose music director is Peixe (Pedro Cardoso).
Is responsible for the musical and artistic co-direction (with Jorge Queijo), of the Gamelan Ensemble of Casa da Música, Porto.